Yamli Enterprise Solutions

Yamli is the leading Arabic transliteration technology with over a billion words typed by users across the world. Our enterprise products can help corporations process Arabic text and data for internal use, or can be licensed and integrated into their products and services. Yamli’s solutions build on our highly accurate Arabic transliteration algorithms as well as our unique and extensive transliteration database, refined since 2009.

Yamli's enterprise solutions can be used for:

Yamli Arabic Transliteration Library

With transliteration accuracies over 95%, Yamli's tranliteration library makes it easy to integrate the leading Arabic transliteration software into your products.

Yamli Arabic Transliteration Corpora

With over a billion words typed by our users, we have built the largest crowd-sourced Arabic transliteration corpus available anywhere. The following products are available for licensing and updated quarterly with our latest data sets:

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Contact us for pricing and custom solutions at solutions@yamli.com

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