Yamli Tutorial

Write in Arabic - Type it the way you say it !

Yamli allows you to type Arabic using roman characters. For example you can enter the roman letter "f" for "ف". You can also use the Arabic chat characters. For example "3" for "ع", "2" for "ء", "7" for "ح", etc ...
Type it the way you say it. Try it out !

Basic Example

Type the word “marhaba” in the box below. While typing, you can see your characters being converted to Arabic. Yamli will provide you with a list of Arabic words to choose from. By default the word will be converted to the first Arabic word in that list. Once you are done typing “marhaba” press the space bar. Your word will be then converted to the default choice.

Try it here:

Choose your Arabic word

You can choose an Arabic word from a list.

  1. Type “tawilah” in the box below. Before pressing the space bar, use the mouse or the keyboard to choose the third Arabic word in the list. Press ENTER to select it.
  2. Type “tawilah” again in the same box. Press space bar. Notice how your preferred choice has been remembered.
Try it here:

Note: We do our best to only show meaningful words in the list. However the word you want may not always be the first choice. If you don't see your word in the list, you can see more choices by clicking "show more".
If you still don't see your word in the extended list, please click on "Report word". Doing this will inform us about the word you are trying to convert to Arabic. We will use this information to help Yamli do a better job.

Edit your words

You can edit your words even after you made your selection.

  1. Type the sentence “akala alwalado altoufa7ah”. Your words are now converted to Arabic.
  2. Move the text cursor using the mouse or the keyboard to the first Arabic word. The result list will be displayed again and you can change your word. Choose a different Arabic word from the list and click on it or hit the space bar.
Try it here:

Use dashes “-” to combine words

You can also use a dash “-” to group words together.

Type “wa-kal-jame3” in the box below. The Arabic words will be grouped together and will not contain the dash.

Try it here:

You can then edit each entry separately. In the example above, move the cursor to the Arabic word corresponding to “kal”. Notice how you can change this entry within the grouped word.

Automatic Dash

Yamli will detect entries that contain an Arabic prefix and automatically insert a dash to group the word and its prefix.

Type “al arab” in the box below. Notice how a dash is added after “al” therefore grouping “al” and “arab”.

Try it here:

If you don't want to convert your word to Arabic

Sometimes you may wish to type words in English. You can either:

Type “al mumasel Nicolas Cage”. Instead of hitting space bar after typing “Nicolas”, use SHIFT + SPACE. The word will not be converted.

Try it here:

Write English words in Arabic Characters

You can also use Yamli to write a foreign language in Arabic characters.

For example, type: "I love this tool".

Try it here:
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