About Yamli

How does Yamli help me type Arabic?

Using Yamli's Smart Arabic Keyboard is very easy. Simply spell out each Arabic word the way you would pronounce it, and Yamli will convert it to the corresponding Arabic word in real-time.

Our goal is to enable you to type Arabic seamlessly. To achieve this, we designed Yamli to be:

  • Flexible: to accept many ad-hoc input spellings for the same output word.

  • Accurate: to allow the user to type quickly without the need for constant corrections.

  • Adaptive: to learn from the input patterns and dialects of the users.

Today, Yamli is the most accurate transliteration-based Arabic typing method on the web.

Use our Smart Arabic Keyboard to type long Arabic text, such as documents or emails. Or use it in Yamli Arabic Search.

Build 5527 - 11/4/2017