About Yamli

How is Yamli better for Arabic search?

Arabic content on the web exists in two forms: Arabic alphabet and Arabic words written in the Latin alphabet (Arabizi). Finding relevant content for an Arabic query on a traditional search engine can be frustrating because it requires trying many Latin variations. Yamli Arabic Search solves this problem by expanding an Arabic search query to its most frequently used Latin phonetic spellings.


محمود درويش → Mahmoud Darwish, Mahmood Darweech, Ma7mud Darwich etc …
حبيبي يا نور العين → Habibi ya nor el ein, 7abibi ya noor el 3ayn, etc …

Yamli Arabic Search is built on top of Google for web searches, Microsoft Live Search for image searches and YouTube for movie and video searches. You get the best of both worlds:

All the Arabic search variations in one step, from the best search engines!

Build 5527 - 11/4/2017